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About The Event


The Rodeo Committee hopes you are all staying healthy and well during this unprecedented time in our State, Country, and World.  The COVID-19 virus has changed many things and is affecting many of the events and outings that we all like to take part in and support throughout the year with the Nebraska Lineworkers Rodeo being one of the fantastic events every August that allows us all to showcase the skills, extraordinary efforts, and safety required for an electric utility lineworker to perform their day to day tasks in order to provide the quality of electricity that every American now depends on to live their daily lives.  We, the committee, have reached out to electric utility management and staff, competitors, judges, and vendors along with the Nebraska State Fair Board to determine the status of the 2020 Rodeo.  With all the uncertainty of our personal safety from the Coronavirus, with the months of preparation it takes to make the rodeo a success every year, and with the question marks around limited sizes of gatherings of people at this time and any directed health measures,  we have decided to CANCEL the 2020 Rodeo for this year.  This will allow us more time to make the 2021 Rodeo an even better event!!  Our decision was in no way an easy one given how much bigger and better the rodeo has become.  Every year the NE Lineworker Rodeo surpasses the previous year by raising the level of excitement, fellowship and camaraderie, networking between utilities, and just an overall brotherhood of fellow line workers getting together for some good old-fashioned competition. 

Please continue to be safe and keep your fellow workers and neighboring utilities in mind for the 2021 Nebraska Lineworkers Rodeo.  Check out any updates for the 2021 rodeo by visiting the website or our FaceBook page.

Thank you and take care,

NE Lineworkers Rodeo Committee












Welcome Nebraska Lineworkers Rodeo

The Nebraska Lineworkers Rodeo is the ultimate venue for public power lineworkers to demonstrate their skill and knowledge while competing for professional recognition.