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The Nebraska Lineworkers’ Rodeo has been an annual event since 2012. The public is invited to attend the rodeo to learn about what lineworkers do to provide electricity. Meet your Nebraska lineworkers!

Working with power lines can be dangerous so training is an important part of the job. Lineworkers are the people who work in the field to keep electricity flowing, no matter what the circumstances. After severe weather, they often work in dangerous settings to make sure our lights come back on as quickly as possible. They climb utility poles, handle heavy equipment and work around energized wires.

During the rodeo, two-person crews and apprentices will be judged on their ability to perform such work tasks safely and quickly. Rodeo participants will also demonstrate tasks only conducted in emergency, rescue situations. The rodeo provides an opportunity for participants to demonstrate and share best practices. Check out the Lineworkers Rodeo and enjoy the afternoon at the Nebraska State Fair.

The Nebraska Lineworkers’ Rodeo is organized by Nebraska utilities and partners. All of the hosting utilities are members of the Nebraska Power Association (NPA), the state-wide organization of 169 locally owned electric utilities providing electric service across Nebraska. Visit the NPA’s public power station. Hands-on activities and safety demonstrations will help fairgoers to learn more about the electric industry.

The NPA Nebraska is the only 100-percent public power state. For info about NPA, visit