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Apprentice Events 2017

Below are the 2017 Public Power Lineworkers Rodeo Apprentice event descriptions. 

Event 1: Written Test

The 25-minute written test encourages knowledge of safety rules at all times when working in the field and during competitions, such as the Public Power Lineworkers Rodeo. Questions come from specific sections of the 15th edition of the APPA Safety Manual. A high score in this event is crucial for competitors seeking “Overall Apprentice” recognition.

Event 2: Hurtman Rescue

In this event, an individual apprentice rescues a “hurtman” mannequin that is attached to the top of a pole. Event staff will provide groundman support. This annual event reinforces the importance of safety and looking out for each other in the field.

Event 3: Obstacle Course (w/Area Light)

The apprentice will climb a 40-foot pole and perform specific tasks at four different stations.  Each station will be framed with 8' crossarms besides the top position which will be outfitted with a 70-watt area light.  The apprentice may start at the bottom station and work up, or at the top station and work down.  Time starts at the apprentices first contact of the pole and will stop when the apprentice has both feet on the ground.  The fall arrest may remain attached for proper adjustment verification by the event judge.


Event 4: Mystery Event

Competitors will find out event specifications on Friday during the PM Training session and Q&A at the State Fair Grounds Motor Cross Track.