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Apprentice FAQs

1. Bell change out, will apprentice pull up items he needs or will one on the judges pull up bell/hoist to him?

Answer: The apprentice will need to pull material (bells) tools (hoist, grips and etc.) up by himself.

2. Bell change out, can rope blocks be used instead of strap hoist?

Answer: Has to be a hoist

3. In the hurt man rescue are they tying off the dummies feet and is the judge going to be the ground man for them.

Answer: The judge is not pulling on the feet. The apprentice will go up and let the dummy down by himself.

4. Also is the judge the ground man on the dead-end bell change out?

Answer: The apprentice will have to pull the hoist up by himself, utilizing a handline or pea-line.

5. Before ascending the pole can they adjust their fall arrest or do they start already with the fall-arrest around the pole.

Answer: The apprentice can size their fall arrest during their 5 minute set up. They are not allowed to start with the fall arrest around the pole. The apprentice will be one (1) arm length away from the pole.

6. Written Test

Answer: 40 questions

7. On the apprentice crossarm relocation event, are the crossarm bolt and brace bolt running the same way? Also, the pictures in the event description show the same view. What is on the back side of those bolts? Are there spring washers?

Answer: The bolts for the cross arm relocation go through the equipment and then through the pole. They are both going the same way. There is a washer on both the brace bolt and the arm bolt. There are no spring washers on the back side.

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