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Journeyman Events 2017

Below are the 2017 Public Power Lineworkers Journeyman event descriptions.

Event 1:  Hurtman Rescue

Team members will rescue a “hurtman” mannequin from the top of a pole. This annual event reinforces the importance of safety and camaraderie when performing line work.

Event 2:  Alley Arm Insulator Changeout

This is a simulated 4kV energize event on a three phase  straight line circuit with a single eight foot wooden crossarm braced with a seven foot alley arm brace.  The event will consist of changing out the center phase 12kV insulator that is tied in with a preformed tie.


Event 3:  Transformer Changeout

His event is simulated energized at 12kV.  Teams will replace a 15 kva transformer weighing approximately 235 lbs. on a single phase straight-line overhead structure with #2 triplex secondary wire.  The old transformer will be lowered to the ground and then pulled back up simulating a new transformer.



Event 4: Mystery Event

Competitors will find out the mystery event on Friday during the PM Training Session and Q&A at the State Fair Grounds Motor Cross Track.